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kateness ([personal profile] kateness) wrote2009-05-07 07:13 am



I have a Dreamwidth now. This is...yeah. Not much different than LJ so far. It's maybe a bit shinier and newer than LJ is...I'll try to update this often so the month of Paid doesn't go to waste. I'm just...not sure what I'll talk about.

...Let's hear it for crossposting! Hip hip?

Actually, I might use this for creative writing. Because having a place for creative writing might actually inspire me to, you know, do some. Even though the only creative writing I do tends to be fanfiction. Oh dear.

So, Final Fantasy slash fiction for all! Woohoo!

And now I should go find me some userpics.

EDIT: Oh snap. New layout that looks right on MY FIRST TRY. \o/

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